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Absolute Crap

October 15th, 2008 · 7 Comments

Vodka and radio broadcasting? They used to go together like guns and babies. But thanks to this lawsuit, now they REALLY go together like guns and babies.

According to Out-Law.com, the makers of Absolut vodka are suing Virgin Radio for copyright infringement.

What kind of infringement on their brand are they claiming? Is it because virgins are often so synonymous with vodka?

No, it’s because they have renamed their brand “Absolute Radio” with the “e” on the end, which is exactly like the “Absoult” in “Absolut Vodka” in some bizarre universe where dogs wear shoes and it rains chocolate jelly beans.

The vodka company claims the network is trying to brand itself as a branch of the Absolut corporation when in reality, Virgin Radio has taste.

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