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And She’s Buying the Stepladder to Heaven…

July 2nd, 2008 · 25 Comments

If you’re going to take a job that requires to do something more physical than move a mouse around a computer screen or filing out TPS reports, make sure you know how to use some of the dangerous equipment you’ll be using on the job like the band saw, the jackhammer and the step ladder.

According to the London Telegraph, a janitor is suing the school he worked for after he fell off a ladder on the grounds that they did not show him how to use it.

The janitor was removing a poster stapled to a wall when he fell off the ladder and suffered several injuries. He’s suing for damages and a boo-boo kiss for each injury he suffered.

He claims the school didn’t teach him how to use the six foot ladder, even though he knew how to use ladders in other jobs for at least the previous 30 years. If someone has footage of this guy juggling with a ladder, I’ll #*$& myself.

He also admits that he signed a form saying that he received ladder training, but that the training was substandard and he was only told not to stand on the top step of the ladder or beyond a certain height. Of course, the school also didn’t train him on how to operate the pen in order to sign the form, so the whole thing is a moot point anyway.

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