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NASCAR Not Stalled By Silly Suit

February 23rd, 2009 · 44 Comments

Blaming NASCAR for all of your ills is like blaming the Devil, your dog or a half eaten jelly donut that lodged in your heart and put you in the hospital. It’s really, really stupid.

Still, one inmate decided to plow ahead and file his lawsuit claiming that NASCAR put him in prison, according to The Nashville City Paper.

The inmate claims that the racing sport influenced him to drive more than 135 mph on public roadways and land him in jail. I know what we’re all thinking: someone watched NASCAR long enough to be influenced by it?

His auto addiction also caused him to fraudulently use credit cards to purchase products advertised on NASCAR’s cars, such as Viagra. If only NASCAR was sponsored by products such as “Common Sense” or “Love, now with two scoops!”

He goes on to say that Jeff Gordon’s Dupont sponsorship poisoned him and may cause him to die in prison. Finally, who knew that Dupont was good for something after all?

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