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September 12th, 2008 · 5 Comments

We know it’s a dumb way of titling another story about the Borat lawsuits like every other blog on the planet, but we’re a blog. Would you expect anything less from us?

The Borat lawsuits related to the movie of the same name have been thrown out for good, according to the E.W. Scripps wire.

The judge threw out two suits related to the driving instructor and the two etiquette coaches featured in the movie. They’ve got so much press at this point, they’ll probably be bonus features on the Criterion Collection edition of the film.

The plantiffs claimed the producers of the film used fraudulent tactics to get them to participate in the movie, but the judge disagreed saying that because they accepted money and signed waivers, they knew what they were getting into. Well, not really, but if they did, the movie would have really sucked.

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