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The Suitinator Strikes Back

April 21st, 2008 · 12 Comments

A prison inmate who has filed lawsuits against everyone from Michael Vick to Martha Stewart (and who can blame him) has struck again.

According to Computers and Video Games Magazine, the same inmate has filed against the unreleased “Grand Theft Auto” video game.

The inmate filed a restraining order against the makers of the game because he claims it “put me in prison.” You know if you’re already in prison and filing against the game in order to prevent you from committing criminal behavior, maybe you’ve got more than your legal documents on backwards.

It should also be noted the game hasn’t been released yet, so how an unreleased game can keep someone from staying out of prison when they already are seems a bit of moot point. You’ve got a better chance of winning a lawsuit against the makers of “Stratego” for the same charge.

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