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A collection of some of the most ridiculous lawsuits ever to grace our courts.

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Wanted: Free Attorney to Defend Multimillionaire, no fatties

January 20th, 2006 · 2 Comments

LONDON (Reuters) – A man who won nearly 10 million pounds on National Lottery in 2002 has been granted legal aid to contest charges he was involved in a brawl, the Legal Services Commission confirmed on Wednesday.

Granted, America’s legal system is righteously screwed up, a system where a man’s innocence can be ensured by how much cash is bulging in his wallet. But at least here, you have to BUY your freedom. USA! USA! USA!

Under the English system of law, defendants who are facing very serious charges (murder, rape, not doing the Hokey Pokey for the Queen when so instructed) can seek free legal aid, but they have to pay their legal fees back to the state if they are found guilty. They get off scot-free, however, if the state fails bring the receipt.

The defendant, Michael Carroll, is set to go before the Norwich Criminal Court on charges of fighting. The evidence? He’s British and soccer is in season.

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